Selfie Spot Trail

Selfie Map

Selfie Spot List

Canopy + The Roots
‘The Roots’ neon sign in the “roots” (basement)

Connie’s Ice Cream
‘Connie’s est. 2001’ sign in the entryway

Crown & Bear
“Dr. Who” angel wings at the top of the staircase

Dress Up Boutique
‘Dahlonega’ neon sign in the entryway

Fudge Factory
‘The Fudge Factory’ est. sign outside the entrance

Jolie Day Spa
‘Jolie’ neon sign in the entryway

Local Pup
Local Pup neon sign in puppy hang-out area

Paul Thomas Chocolates

Candy Maker Booth w/ props

Shenanigans Irish Pub
The Phoenix Mural is located on the patio

Woodlands Edge
Black Bear outside the entrance

Outlaw Jerky & Trail Grub

6′ tall wooden cowboy inside the store