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Henry and Joe Ostaszewski played football for many years, ultimately competing at the highest levels in college football and the NFL. Despite all the victories, the glory, and the memories, competition at this level comes at a cost. For many players, these costs don't make themselves known until years after the glory days are over. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is just one of the many devastating long-term effects that may result from a career in high-intensity sports like football. Joe and Henry both have first-hand experience with CTE. Over the years, the Ostaszewski brothers have watched helplessly as teammates have suffered from debilitating mental health and physical complications. The most devastating cases even resulted in death from aggressive brain cancers, ALS, or suicide. The reason Henry and Joe became so excited about the CBD industry years ago is that full-spectrum CBD plant extracts show promise in being able to ease or even eliminate some of the ailments which have affected the "O" brothers and their teammates. For example, many people find that consuming high-quality, full-spectrum CBD can lead to improved sleep, reduced anxiety, muscle and joint pain relief, and other quality of life improvements. Regular CBD usage has made a difference in the lives of the Blue 42 Organics team, and we are excited about new studies and research being conducted in today's world of CBD remedies. We are on the cusp of a new age of discovery in the field of wellness and therapy, and this particular plant extract is at the forefront of this new and exciting research. Blue 42 Organics is humbled and proud to have been afforded the opportunity to forge partnerships with the very best in the industry. We have partnered with Ph.D. scientists for research, independent third-party testers for quality assurance, and sustainable supply chain solutions in order to bring our customers the best All-American, organically grown, full-spectrum CBD in a responsible way.