Farmer’s Market to allow Arts and Crafts!

The 2022 Dahlonega Farmer’s Market will now accept applications for arts and crafts vendors!

Our farmer’s market is dedicated to original, high-quality, homemade products, made and sold by the vendor. These items are eligible for sale: Homemade clothing if the clothing itself is hand sewn, crocheted, or knitted, Hand-woven and hand-carved bowls (Examples: wooden bowls, pine straw bowls), Hand-made household items (Examples: brooms, insect catchers), Cooking, farming, or gardening books written by the vendor, Personally designed and homemade arts and crafts sold by the artisan or family member, Lithographs, reproductions, or screen prints of original art (but not if placed on manufactured products such as mugs or t-shirts).

Because we are a true farmer’s market, where consumers meet growers & makers, we do not allow re-sale of any items, including produce. The general rule is the item must be homegrown or homemade. Here are some specifics on what does not qualify for our market: Postcards, Prints, Printed Material, Tracings of Paintings by Number, Ceramics or Pottery from Commercial Molds, Wood Carvings Using Duplicating Machines Kits in Any Form and Other Items Which Do Not Reflect Originality of Design. Commercially Dried Flower Arrangements and Artificial Flower Arrangements, Commercially Made or Purchased Clothing Including Embroidered, Dyed, Printed, or Appliquéd Clothing, Crafts Assembled Primarily From Commercially Made Parts or Commercial Molds, Services Such As Massage, Nutrition Consulting or Any Other Promotional Booths, Commercially-Manufactured Shirts, Mugs, Etc. (Even If Printed with Original Pieces), and Live Animals.