Economic Development Goals

The Economic Development Committee analyzes current market forces and develops long-term solutions. It supports business development and recruiting, and building an environment for long-term economic growth and community success. The Economic Development Committee will build a climate for investment resulting in job creation and retention, improved property values, increased sales tax revenue, and raising the profitability of the district by managing/guiding downtown real estate. It will create and manage the balance of retail and service businesses, downtown residential living, cultural opportunities, and institutional facilities needed to ensure sustained economic success.

The work requires:
An inventory of businesses & buildings
Market analysis
Support for the expansion of existing businesses
Recruiting new businesses
Providing educational and financial resources for downtown business owners, business development, property maintenance, and new construction
Making maximum use of all existing buildings
Adding sensitively designed new structures

Promotional Goals

The Promotion Committee creates excitement about downtown to stimulate shopping and investment. Marketing our historic architecture and unique sense of place is what positions us strategically in the competitive marketplace. There is no other shopping destination like downtown Dahlonega, and that is our strength over the competition of other downtowns and shopping centers.The Promotion Committee creates and sells a positive image of the downtown district that encourages consumers and investors to live, work, shop, play, and invest in downtown.

The Promotion Committee creates excitement about downtown through:
Special events
Retail sales events
Image campaigns
Market downtown's unique characteristics to residents, investors, business owners, and visitors


Design Goals

The Design Committee deals with the appearance of our business district, our historic district, our landscaping, and lighting. These elements along with a pedestrian safe environment create a quality place to shop, work, walk, and live. With historic preservation as its base, the design committee will create and sustain a pedestrian friendly downtown environment. Through its visual image, downtown will be viewed as the heart of the region and will be a designation for shopping, investing, and community building. 
The Design Committee will:
Preserve downtown's unique architectural details
Provide good lighting for buildings and pedestrian areas
Provide appropriate and attractive streetscape and landscape features
Encourage attractive window displays
Provide colorful accents such as event flags and banners
Provide shade trees
Provide clean buildings and streets
Provide attractive parking areas
Provide appropriate signage

Organization Goals

The Dahlonega Downtown Development Authority/Main Street Program Board develops and sustains the framework of partnerships necessary for success.

The Board serves as the organization committee and manages the downtown program with commitment to:
Vision and planning
Building and sustaining partnerships to promote optimum downtown business conditions
Acquiring and managing funds and resources
Professional training
Effective communications