2014 Business Reception & Awards Program

Celebrating 2013 Investment in Downtown Dahlonega:

MAJOR INVESTMENTS IN DOWNTOWN PROPERTIESIn this category of downtown investments there are five properties that were transformed with owner investments that included such permanent fixtures as floors, wiring, plumbing, cabinetry, fencing, landscaping and roofing. These were projects that involved building permits, were major investments that went far beyond the basic costs of doing business, and resulted in permanent improvements to properties.

DSC 0040

North Georgia Hair Cutters

DSC 0044

Pond Doc's Home & Garden

DSC 0050

Spoon Shine Yogurt

DSC 0052

The Studio at 120

DSC 0054

The Holly Theatre

EXCEPTIONAL INVESTMENTS IN DOWNTOWN PROPERTIESThese projects involved extremely large investments by the owners and demonstrate the owners' confidence in the future of downtown Dahlonega. Some of these involved the construction of totally new infill buildings while others were restorations of existing buildings.

DSC 0058

Mug Me & Jaymart

DSC 0061

Dahlonega Square Villas & The Dahlonega Square Hotel

DSC 0063

UNG Choice Street Arts Building

DSC 0064

Baked on Main

PARTICIPATION IN THE DAHLONEGA STORIES, HISTORIC PLAQUE PROGRAMThe "Dahlonega Stories" bronze history plaque program launched 5 years ago with a goal for each of the 60 downtown commercial buildings to participate in the program.

DSC 0067

Carriage House Shoppes property


DSC 0070

In 2013, a local shopping campaign was successfully produced by the Chamber of Commerce, the Dahlonega Nugget, and the Downtown Development Authority. 

DSC 0071

The Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Development Authority expanded their partnership to include two 30 second video commercials and one 5 minute marketing film. In 2013, the two 30 second commercials on Home & Garden Television, websites, Facebook, Georgia Public TV, YouTube and other media to promote downtown shopping and dining.

INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTSThis category recognizes downtown infrastructure projects accomplished by the City of Dahlonega's Public Works Department in 2013.

DSC 0072

The City of Dahlonega

THE GOLDEN NAIL AWARDThe Golden Nail is reserved for very special construction projects that repair and restore the exteriors of historic downtown commercial buildings 50 years old or older. These properties are our most precious historic resources, and their owners deserve special commendations as caretakers of treasures that cannot be replaced.

DSC 0074

1884 Stanton Storehouse - Old Storehouse Inn

DSC 0077

1882 McGuire House - The Dahlonega Square Hotel

DSC 0081

1940 Rouse's Grocery Building/ Leonard's Flowers - Baked on Main

DSC 0086

1930 Henderson Building - Folkways Craft Gallery & Cottage Vineyard Wine Tasting Room