Doing Business in Georgia

Georgia is a great place to do business. Logistics, global access, quality of life and a talented workforce are just a few of the competitive advantages we offer. Simply put, our nationally touted business climate has what you need to succeed! 

Business Incentive Resources:

Small Business Incentives 

Small Business Tax Relief, allows for faster depreciation on equipment deduction where businesses can choose to claim the expense in year one as opposed to over several years.

Angel investor tax credits, which encourage early investment in start-up companies. Qualified investors who provide angel funding in 2012 or 2013 can claim income tax credits of 35 percent of their investment, with total credits of up to $50,000 allowed per year.

Financing of up to $250,000 through the Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Loan Guarantee Program. The program provides financing (beginning at $35,000) to entrepreneurs and small businesses located in rural Georgia counties.

Expanding Business in Georgia

Relocating a Business to Georgia

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Georgia Business Incentives Brochure

Job Tax Credit Map

Tax Credits

Tax Exemptions

Financial Assistance

Information above provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development