2015 Lumpkin County Area Labor Profile

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) collects, analyzes, and publishes a wide array of information about the state’s labor market. This information provides a snapshot of Georgia’s economy, job market, businesses, and its workforce. Data on jobs and workers, including labor force, employment and unemployment, industrial growth, occupational trends, and wage rates, are increasingly important to remaining competitive in the global marketplace.

Access the 2015 Lumpkin County Area Labor Profile HERE.

Detailed Demographic Information

Use QuickFacts to explore key data about Dahlonega- Lumpkin County. Demographics, education, labor force, business, consumer spending, housing and transportation are all very important parts of a community. We are proud to provide a great environment for people to live, businesses to grow and relationships to thrive. 

Downtown Master Plan

sd530492The City of Dahlonega seeks to manage for appropriate, compatible growth in the historic central business district, and thus established a plan for design, preservation, and development that will provide guidance through 2018. The overall objective of the Master Plan is to manage any expansion of the commercial interior while preserving the history and the "sense of place" critical to ensuring that the City of Dahlonega remains one of Georgia's jewels.

2014 Downtown Master Plan Progress Report

Read more: Downtown Master Plan

Market Data

Bleakly Advisory Group, as part of the consulting team led by Urban Collage, Inc, prepared a market study for downtown Dahlonega that was a key element in creating the Downtown Master Plan. As we begin to emerge from the most severe effects of the recession, the Dahlonega Downtown Development Authority requested an update of the original market study.

In 2011 we updated the following sections of the original 2007 market study based on the latest available information:
• Retail sales in Dahlonega and the County
• Retail Challenges and Opportunities-from interviews with merchants
• Tourism Trends
• The Student Population
• Key Retail, Business, Retail and Tourism Issues and Trends
• Current and Future Real Estate Market Assessment

To prepare the market study update, we collected data and information from a number of sources:
• National data and demographic sources
• Data and reports from local agencies
• Interviews with local merchants and real estate professionals
• Site visits
• GIS mapping and aerial photography

Download the full study.